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What Can You Claim Damages for in a Personal Injury Case?


Have you been involved in a serious accident in the San Diego County area? Perhaps you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, or maybe you were involved in a bike accident. Regardless, you might be wondering what damages you can claim in a personal injury case. There are several examples of damages that could apply to your personal injury claim, and you need to work with an experienced attorney that can help you.

Damages for Medical Expenses

If you were involved in a serious accident and suffered major injuries, you can claim damages that can cover your medical expenses. For example, you might have had to go to the emergency room following the accident, leading to a significant medical bill. Or, you might have even required emergency surgery followed by an ICU stay, leading to major expenses.

Keep in mind that damages for medical expenses can also include future medical care. If you believe that you will require long-term medical care, including follow-ups with specialists, you may be able to claim damages for future medical expenses as well.

Damages for Lost Income

If you are hurt and unable to return to work, how are you going to make ends meet? Even though you might be able to take some vacation time and sick days eventually, you might start to lose some paychecks. In a personal injury case, you may be able to pursue damages for lost income.

For example, there might be some situations where you might not be able to return to work at all. A San Diego personal injury lawyer can review your situation, figure out how much income you will lose, and pursue damages to help you replace that lost income.

Potential Punitive Damages

Finally, there is also a chance that you may be able to pursue punitive damages in your personal injury case. If the circumstances of the accident were particularly egregious, the judge may decide to award punitive damages. Maybe the driver was grossly intoxicated when he hit you, or perhaps the injuries you suffered were the result of willful acts.

Not every personal injury case is going to involve punitive damages, but your San Diego personal injury attorney should review this possibility with you. Punitive damages in a personal injury case could be significant.

Contact the Mortlock Law Group for a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

These are just a few of the many examples of damages that you might be able to claim in a personal injury case. It is important for you to work with a San Diego personal injury attorney who can help you, and at the Mortlock Law Group, we are here to protect your rights and defend your interests. Contact us today for a case consultation, and let us make sure that your voice is heard.

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