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San Diego and Los Angeles are Top 10 Cities for Pedestrian Deaths


pedestrian accidentA recent report by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) showed a disturbing fact about pedestrian accidents in Southern California. San Diego and Los Angeles were among the 10 cities in the country with the highest number of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents in the year 2012, federal transportation officials reported.  In 2012, there were 22 pedestrians killed in San Diego, and 99 killed in Los Angeles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

San Diego was ranked eighth in the country in the number of pedestrians killed. Los Angeles was second, behind only New York City, which had 127 pedestrians killed that year. According to NHTSA, 70 people died in all types of traffic accidents in 2012 in San Diego, 242 people died in all types of traffic accidents in Los Angeles.

The state of California had the highest number of pedestrian fatalities in the country in 2012, with 612; followed by Texas, with 478; and Florida, with 476, NHTSA reported.Nationwide, there were 4,743 pedestrian fatalities in 2012, the highest number in five years.

Here are some other interesting facts:

  • 32 percent of pedestrian fatalities were between 8 p.m. and midnight according to the NHTSA.
  • Of an estimated 69,000 pedestrians who were injured in 20011, 11,000 of those injured were age 14 and younger
  • Males accounted for 65% (7,000) of those 11,000 injured in 2011.
  • In 2009, 16 percent of all traffic fatalities in the United States were among people age 65 and older.

Be Careful Walking at Night

As the facts show above, almost 1/3 of the pedestrian accidents occur at night.  Pedestrians are difficult to see at night. Use caution by wearing reflective or brightly colored clothing, or carry a light. If you are going to be walking along a road at night, make sure the area is well lit and you have a sidewalk to use. Many of our roads in San Diego County do not include a sidewalk or have sidewalks that end forcing a pedestrian into the road.

Children at  Higher Risk for a Pedestrian Accident

Take Extra Precautions with children age 14 and younger. Children make up about 23% of the United States’ population, but account for 30% of pedestrian deaths. Children may not be familiar with all of the traffic laws, which may contribute to the disproportional amount of traffic deaths.  Make sure to teach your children the traffic rules and accompany your children whenever possible.

Never Assume a Car Sees You or Will Stop

Pedestrians have the right of way in most traffic situations. However, you shouldn’t expect vehicles to follow this traffic law. Never assume a vehicle is going to stop for you because you are in a crosswalk. Many drivers are distracted and not looking for pedestrians in crosswalks.

Make sure to cross the street within a cross-walk and avoid crossing the middle of the road unless there is not a cross-walk within a reasonable proximity. Many pedestrian accidents occur because a pedestrian steps out into the road without making eye contact with the driver to ensure they are seen.

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, you may be unsure what your legal options are.  If you have questions about your San Diego pedestrian accident, the pedestrian accident attorneys at the Mortlock Law Group may be able to help you. Please give us a call at (760) 930-0546 for a free consultation or submit a free case evaluation through our website.