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Personal Injury? How To Prove Lost Wages


At the very least, the average full-time employee in America will work 2,080 hours in a single year. This time does not include travel, nor does it include time spent preparing for workplace duties. With so much time spent on the job, it is possible that we will eventually get injured. While nobody hopes for workplace injuries, they must still be prepared for by both client and employee.

Today, we are going to explore personal injuries at work, how to prove lost wages, and who you can turn to for assistance with regard to your personal injury case.

Different Types of Lost Wages

Injuries at work can manifest in a number of different ways, ranging in severity as well as potential lost time and earning potential. Due to injuries, employed workers can suffer a range of negative outcomes. Let’s briefly outline the most likely types of lost wages that workers can discuss with potential legal counsel at Mortlock Law Group.

  • Loss of Earnings – An injury that prevents you from working will lead to lost earnings. This is all of the income that you would have otherwise accrued had your injury not occurred.
  • Loss of Paid Leave – Some injuries will require an employee to use paid time off to pursue medical treatment or to recover from their injuries. This lost time off should be protected in the event of a workplace injury.
  • Loss of Future Earning Potential – Does an injury at work potentially impact your future earning potential? If an injury at work can potentially negatively impact your ability to earn in the future, you need support from reputable legal counsel.

Calculating Lost Wages

An injury at work should be tended to immediately with the assistance of the appropriate legal counsel. Individuals looking for support in calculating lost wages for recovery can do so with the support of the team at the Mortlock Law Group.

Working alongside Mortlock, clients will be able to calculate their lost wages through the following methods in order to reclaim what they are owed.

  • Record of Lost Hours – Any potential missed work hours due to injury at work should be accumulated. This includes any time lost due to leaving work as well as hours of paid leave.
  • Statements of Record – Any statements from employees, family members, or colleagues should be recorded and collected for later production.
  • Financial Records – Tax returns, pay stubs, and bank statements are all useful when attempting to reclaim finances lost due to the incident.

Mortlock Law Group

Mr.Mortlock founded Mortlock Law Group to provide both outstanding and affordable legal services in the fields of personal injury and criminal defense. With more than half a decade of experience representing individuals prosecuted by government agencies, Mortlock Law Group is uniquely qualified to help you get what you are owed.

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