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California Backover Accidents: Who Is At Fault?


Even though major accidents that take place on the interstate wind up in the news, a significant percentage of car accidents actually take place in the parking lot or the driveway. Even though they may take place at low speeds, they can still lead to significant injuries. Sometimes, they require detailed medical procedures, and they could lead to complications for the rest of your life. Who is at fault for backover accidents? There are a few important points to keep in mind.

How These Accidents Take Place

If you are walking on a busy city street, or if you are traversing through a busy parking lot, you are always at risk of a car backing out of a spot. Every vehicle, including sedans, SUVs, and trucks, has significant blind spots that drivers may forget to check. If the vehicle is larger, it has an even bigger blind spot.

In addition, not all vehicles have a backup camera or sensor. Sensors can warn drivers that someone is passing behind them, but not all vehicles have this capability. Young children and elderly adults are at a greater risk of suffering serious injuries. Children are not always aware of what is happening around them, and elderly individuals are less likely to have the dexterity to move out of the way.

Is the Driver Always at Fault?

There are a lot of people who believe that a driver is always at fault in the event of a pedestrian accident. Drivers might be distracted, intoxicated, tired, or simply moving too quickly. Sometimes, drivers might not realize what gear they are in before they start moving.

There are some situations where multiple people can be at fault in the event of a backover accident. For example, if there are overgrown trees and shrubs that limit visibility, the maintenance company might be at fault. Or, if the parking garage was not designed to code, then the construction company might be at fault.

It is important for you to make sure your rights are adequately protected if you are struck by a vehicle backing out. If you have questions about who is at fault for your accident, it is important to rely on a professional who can help you.

Call Mortlock Law Group for Help With Backover Accidents

We are Mortlock Law Group, and we have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents of all types. It would be our pleasure to take a look at your case to see if you are entitled to compensation. After seeking appropriate medical care, contact us to speak to a member of our team. We look forward to working with you.

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