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4 Things to Know About Accidents When Uninsured


Getting in an accident when uninsured can be a frightening experience. Nevertheless, panicking is the worst response you can have. Although being involved in an accident while uninsured is not ideal, there is still a protocol you need to follow to protect yourself and your vehicle. With that in mind, here is a list of 4 things to know about uninsured accidents.

Always Call the Police

Whether you caused the accident or were the victim, you should be sure to call the police. The police will show up to get all the pertinent details to ensure the issue can be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Otherwise, it will be your word against theirs, and no matter what you may agree with at the scene, they may change their story down the road.

Always Take Pictures

Another thing you should know when involved in an accident while uninsured is to always take pictures. No matter who is at fault, you should do so, especially when you’re not. Taking photos will allow you to provide insurance companies and courts with the visuals to corroborate your side of the events. Failing to do so will result in it being your word against theirs, and there is no way to know or expect that the other party will behave fairly and ethically.

Never Make Any Deals or Accept Money

When you’re an uninsured victim, others may try to take advantage. Therefore, you must be sure not to make any deals or accept any money at the scene. This is because car accidents can be pretty costly, and even the smallest amount of damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Moreover, it may become apparent later if you suffer any medical damage. Finally, making a deal or accepting money at the scene may make you ineligible to pursue the matter further. So, to ensure that all damages are paid for, you should report the incident to one or both insurance companies and wait for a response.

Swap Information

Lastly, ensure you get as much information about the other party as possible. For example, even if you have caused an accident, in some instances, the person driving may not be legally authorized to drive the vehicle and/or may not be covered by insurance. However, swapping information can allow you to verify who they are and follow up with them later as needed.

Being involved in an accident while uninsured can be scary, but it’s not the end of the world. By taking heed to these tips, you can ensure that you are protecting yourself and your vehicle as much as possible. If you need more help with this matter, contact our team here at Mortlock Law Group today.

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