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Informal Supervision (W & I § 654)

What is Informal Supervision?

The goal of the criminal adult system is to “retribution,” while the goal of the juvenile justice system is “rehabilitation.” As a result, the juvenile system provides several alternatives for suitable minors that avoid the minor being formally “convicted” of crime.

If a juvenile petition is filed against the minor, he or she may be eligible for informal supervision pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code section, 654.  Informal supervision requires the minor to comply with a curfew, complete volunteer work, and attend court-ordered programs for a period of six (6) months. Successful completion of informal supervision results in no criminal record for the minor.

A minor may be eligible for a program of informal supervision set forth in Section 654 or 654.2 if he/she has not participated in 654 on a prior occasion, has not previously been adjudicated a “ward” of the court, and the charges do not allege:

  • That the minor has violated specific violent, sexual and or serious crimes;
  • That the minor has sold or possessed drugs for sale;
  • That the minor has possessed drugs where the violation took place at a public or private elementary, vocational, junior high school, or high school; or
  • That the minor has violated a gang crime and or allegations:

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